Error installing Welcome Link Banner

Getting an error while trying to install this theme component:

Error: expected "=". ╷ 3 │ @if $plugin-outlet = "above-main-container-outlet" { │ ^ ╵ /var/www/discourse/common.scss 3:23 root stylesheet

And as the error implies, all the text shows up at the top of my homepage, but without any styling whatsoever.

What have I done wrong?


Confirming @Ryan_Hyer’s report, and adding details.

This is after updating this morning to Discourse 3.1.0.beta2 and running an automated update of all add-ins:

  • I can no longer see the banner background image on my site. It looks rather sad now :frowning:
  • I have tried removing all custom CSS. This doesn’t make a difference.
  • It doesn’t even appear to be called anywhere by the page - I’ve checked the media and images loaded by the page using my browser’s developer tools and it is not listed in there.

edit: fixed after @awesomerobot made an update. Thanks!


We updated our sass implementation, so I needed to make a minor update to avoid a new error. That’s been done so if you update the component or try to install it again it should no longer have an error.

Hopefully this update has also fixed your issue @Andy_Clifton, but if the image still isn’t working after updating the component let us know!


Perfect, I’ve updated the component to latest and it looks great now. Thanks! :+1: