Error message when liking/reacting to flagged posts


  1. Flag someone else’s post successfully
  2. Try to react to it
  3. An error message about reactions shows up.

Hi @twofoursixeight :wave:

I couldn’t reproduce the issue:

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I can :person_raising_hand: :slight_smile:

  • Flag Test User A’s post as admin and ‘Take Action’ to hide it
  • As Test User B, attempt to React or Like the hidden post
  • On desktop see the :no_entry_sign: icon on hover
  • Press it anyway
  • Receive the error message “That reaction was created too long ago. It can no longer be modified or removed”

I think this is on purpose though so as not to allow people to Like/React to flagged posts. I think it may be the generic error message that is the outlier, which would make this more of a ux issue perhaps.