Error on Delete User in pending-approvals list

How to reproduce

  1. Setup approvals for new users and email-in support
  2. Send emails from some new email account to multiple categories
  3. New user is staged, and new posts are created for each, in approvals list
  4. Go into approvals list, click Delete User on one of the posts
  5. That post and the staged user are both deleted
  6. Look in approvals list, the remaining posts by the same (now deleted) staged user are still there
  7. Press Reject, Delete or Delete User on one of those remaining posts, an error will come up: Post not found.

I believe the UI should loop through the entire list and delete all the topics created by a user that has been deleted.


Hold tight here, @eviltrout will clean this up as part of his review queue work.


I had the same bug in the reviewable queue, so this afternoon I made sure it was fixed there. When that is merged in this will work.


Sorry to bump this, but after working perfectly for a while, now pressing Delete User on an item on the pending-approval list will pop up a Server error.