The review queue shows a confusing error when trying to delete a user that was already deleted

If a spammer is deleted by somebody else while you are looking at the review queue, you cannot tell. Trying to delete them subsequently gives a confusing error message, and the user is still apparently in the queue.

The sequence was approximately:

  1. spammers gonna spam
  2. spammer is flagged and put in the queue
  3. I opened the queue page
  4. somebody else deleted the spammer
  5. I hit the button to delete the spammer
  6. the error message is displayed
  7. but the spammer still appears on the page
  8. open a bug on Meta

This bug – Error on Delete User in pending-approvals list – seems similar.


Just ran into this myself. A better error message would be nice.


@vinothkannans can you improve the error message here?


The error message is now improved in the PR


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