Error when compiling Android

Hi I’m trying to build Android version.
After downloading from github I followed README file to install yarn, native-react-cli, …
Everything was OK until I ran “react-native run-android”

Here’s the build logs:
android-build-error.txt (21.2 KB)

Similar errors occurred when I tried to build in Android Studio.
I’ve googled and tried some methods but they didn’t work.

I’m using Windows 10, JDK 1.8.0_211, Android Studio 3.4.2.
Please help me. Do I need to configure something else?
Thank you!

I would say something is wrong with gradle. Looks like java dependencies are not being pulled.


Could you show me how to ensure every dependencies are pulled?
In the project I only see that yarn is used to manage dependencies, but I’m not familiar with this.
I’ve tried:

  • yarn
  • yarn install
  • yarn install --force
    but still got build errors as before :frowning: