Errors encountered when uploading images

Our customers (and I) are encountering error messages when trying to upload a png file on our Instance. I am able to upload on this forum but not on our company instance. Any suggestions?

The error message is:

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Is the problem happening with all types of image files, or just png images?

If you go to your error logs (found at Admin / Logs / Error Logs) and then try uploading a new image, you might get a more detailed error message that would be helpful for figuring out what’s causing the problem.


Good morning Simon,

First off, thank you so much for your assistance in this. Any insight you can provide is very, very helpful.

I tested with .jpeg and .pdf files as well this morning and we are still encountering issues. I looked at the admin logs and the most recent date of the logs were 6/19. Attached is a screenshot of the log panel. Please let me know if there is a specific log entry you are interested in and I can send the syntax.

Additional interesting note - I was able to upload a small jpeg image (7kb). I update the Admin Settings for Max attachment size to 4096 KB from 3092 KB and I still cannot upload a 265KB pdf.

Is there a different setting I should be using? Any guidance is truly appreciated.