Errors in console related to loading account preferences route directly


This is generating the following error currently:

Error occurred:

- While rendering:
<anonymous> discourse-boot.js:21
Uncaught ReferenceError: While generating link to route "userPrivateMessages": can't access lexical declaration 'queryParams' before initialization

This without any Theme Components or plugins installed on current dev build …


Hmm, I don’t see this issue on my local environment.

How about on Meta, does it work ok for you here? (meta is running Ember 5)

No issues on Meta … odd!

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Does using safe mode locally help? (I know you said there aren’t any custom plugins/themes, but perhaps it’s being affected by one of the plugins bundled in core)

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No /safe-mode makes no difference and FYI I’ve just re-pulled from repo

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David, I tried my Raspberry Pi (5 :rocket:) dev install and this doesn’t exhibit the same issue.

I’m going to assume my local install is corrupted for some reason, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense atm.

Aha, we had some other reports of this @merefield and managed to track it down. Looks like it happens when the navigation mode is “dropdown” (not sidebar)

@vinothkannans sorted a fix here: FIX: convert the route to Ember Octane to fix the dependency issue. by vinothkannans · Pull Request #25221 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


Aaaah. That’s awesome. Thanks.

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FYI I could in that configuration (classic dropdown format - which I :heart: btw) reproduce it on the Pi :+1: - what a weird one!

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