Euskara -- Diskurtsoa euskaraz -- Discourse in Basque

Recently I was visiting friends in Hegoalde who are running a network of Basque people, so I checked whether we could use Discourse to support their conversations. I discovered that there’s no Discourse translation yet in Euskara, the Basque language.

I’m looking forward to meet Basque speakers and getting started with translating Discourse strings into Euskara. As I’m (slowly) learning the language I’d be interested in participating, but native speakers would definitely be helpful. I know that many Basque people would not use Discourse if they cannot have a native interface.

Euskara is not gendered, so it might be an easy one to translate into, from English. But there’s also a very strong link between the language and the culture, so some translations might not be as obvious as taking the original English word and putting its Basque equivalent. Contrary to most understandings of a nation, you become Basque merely by speaking the language: Euskadi, the Basque country, means “the country of people who speak Basque”. It’s the oldest language alive in Europe, and does not descend from Latin, contrary to all languages around it: French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian.



I added Basque on Transifex. So, whoever wants to start translating, feel free to join the translation team for that language.