Event/Calendar plugin (official) - broken public events

After the last update 2.9.0.beta12 the official event plugin seems broken for public events. See:

Maybe this is related to Events Plugin 📆 - #769 by angus - different plugin, but same error message?

I can’t reproduce this. You can see the Discourse Event plugin working as expected on the latest Discourse here:

Moreover, for you to get that message it means that Discourse can’t find your Trust Level 0 group, which means you might have a bigger problem.

Actually the same plugin (I’ve moved that post to the Discourse Event plugin topic). The poster (somewhat understandably) mixed them up :wink:

hm - Level 0 Group seems fine?

It seems to be a localization issue on our german-speaking site. This works:

[event start=“2022-11-26 23:07” status=“public” name=“Testing” timezone=“Europe/Berlin” allowedGroups=“vertrauensstufe_0”]

See my screenshot: “Trust_level_0” translates to “vertrauensstufe_0”

and with the last release, there were a lot of changes made in terms of translation?

This PR fixes the issue.


Just a note that the above PR was merged. @Ralf_Stockmann please update Discourse Calendar and let us know if you have any further issues.


For me it works, thank you very much for the PR. (And in the meantime I also noticed that my Trust Levels were German, so same problem here…)

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