'Everyone' not working for 'discourse post event allowed on groups`

Hello, I am using this feature as a forum admin and it seems that only moderators have access to the “create event” line of the editor’s gear menu. I can’t wrap my head around why and can’t find any info about this limitation. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

@pHneutre I think you can update this in event plugin settings. We have it set to allow users down to trust level 2 to post events.


Thanks for the answer, but this parameter is well set to “all” on my instance.

Also, the override per-category parameter for this feature can be ticked or not, doesn’t change the behavior.

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I do not think that “all” is a valid setting for the discourse post event allowed on groups site setting. Try setting it to trust_level_0 or trust_level_1. Either of those values should allow all members with that trust level or greater to create events.

On my site, I am not seeing “all” as an option for the discourse post event allowed on groups site setting, but I am seeing “everyone” an an option. I think this is a bug. The “everyone” group is a special group that includes all users. It also includes anonymous users for sites that do not require users to login to view the site. The “everyone” group can generally not be used for settings like the discourse post event allowed on groups setting. I’m going to create a ux topic to suggest that the “everyone” group is not included in that setting’s drop down menu.

Edit: Remove the "everyone" group from event allowed groups setting

Where are you seeing this parameter? A screenshot would be useful if you can provide one.

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The “all” setting I mentionned was actually “tous” (“all” in french) and all the groups are renamed in french on my instance so it’s a bit difficult to know what’s going on, but I changed this setting for a low trust level and it works now, so I’m just gonna forget that setting value :slight_smile: thanks for your time.


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