Excitement Opt-Out Panel

Feature Idea!: Have a handy one-stop menu users can click:
Skip new user onboarding tips and badges
Never Notify when liked, or choose level […]
Disable Trust Promotion Advancement messages
instead of scattering them all around. Or, OK, in addition to scattering
them around.

Are there any more I missed?

Also, have an additional bonus checkbox: clean off any current residue of this stuff from my notifications.

You see the problem is even if one opts-out, that won’t clean them out of the notifications for the previous period.

So one’s notifications could still be crowded with this stuff with no way to get them off. Currently all we can do is just ask that they don’t give us any more. But there’s no way to get rid of ones already there.

No way to turn off:

This badge is granted when you reach trust level 2. Thanks for participating over a period of weeks to truly join our community. You can now send invitations from your user page or individual topics, create group personal messages, and have more likes per day.

First Emoji
This badge is granted the first time you add an Emoji to your post thumbsup. Emoji let you convey emotion in your posts, from happiness smiley to sadness anguished to anger angry and everything in between sunglasses. Just type a : (colon) or press the Emoji toolbar button in the editor to select from hundreds of choices

Note I am not just talking about one site.