Exclude / Suppress (Automatically) Closed Topics from the Homepage?

We have a couple of topics that we create through the API that automatically get closed after a week due to the time sensitivity of the content. Although this works great for us, we’ve noticed that those closed topics still sort of clutter our homepage (which is set to Latest) when scrolling down a couple of pages.

I supposed we could have another script move those topics via the API to an archival category that is suppressed from the homepage, but it would be great if there were an admin setting to suppress or exclude automatically closed topics (or even just regular closed topics) from the Homepage.

From the Admin wrench within a topic you can “Make Unlisted”.

That could be done via the API too, without breaking categorization.

You might consider having that happen 24+ hours after the topic is closed, so there is some transparency about the fact that a topic was closed before it becomes invisible.

Perhaps a category setting to “unlist closed topics after N hours” would be a worth considering…

You could also consider whether or not this is really a problem - being able to easily search for & view those topics may be valuable as an archive later.

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Does unlisting make it not show up in search? I hadn’t considered that…

For normal members, yes, and unlisted is no longer indexed by Google.


Hey there,

I’m trying to figure out how to do this with an api call. Can you provide an example? Preferably, one using the discourse gem if possible. I’ve tried a number of things that don’t seem to work… Thanks!

Please see this topic:


Thanks, I like it! Specific question -> General encompassing answer