Existing server installation instructions

I have found a few posts, such as this one, where people have wanted to install Discourse on an existing server. I’ve attempted to pull the pieces together, but this has been a headache going between 5 different sources between this instance and the GitHub. This has been a ride, and I would highly recommend adding more to your scripts to support this use case.

The last thing I have yet to figure out is the final structure of app.yml. I have found fragments only, and not enough to conclude that what I’ve compiled is everything. I would suggest that the launcher script be able to generate a copy without additional steps. That one addition would allow people to preconfigure everything they need. For now, if I could be linked to a raw file template or if one could be attached in a reply, I would be incredibly grateful.

There are many, many good reasons we only officially support the docker based install method.

This will not be changing.

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It’s right here: discourse_docker/standalone.yml at master · discourse/discourse_docker · GitHub

Using the sample file I provided above, comment out the lines about exposed ports (since this server is shared they will already be busy). After that add this line to the template list on the top:

- "templates/web.socketed.template.yml"

Now, after a rebuild Discourse will be listening only on a Unix socket under the shared folder. Point your reverse proxy to that.

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