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Some time ago I was apart of a community that used Discourse for it’s forum and now I’ve got my own website up and I’d like a forum to go along with it, however I cannot find any download or guide to install Discourse on my own website.

If available, can someone please link me to a guide and/or a download for Discourse. If it changes anything, my site is using WordPress.

Err. This is an odd question.

Try going to

See this entry in the FAQ: How do I get it?

AS far as I could tell, that was to set it up on a DigitalOcean server.


While this guide uses Digital Ocean, these steps will work on other cloud providers and local installs that also support Docker.

So, just ignore the steps for creating/configuring your Digital Ocean droplet and start with the installation of Docker.

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Just to be clear, you NEED to be running a server (or have a docker environment) to set up discourse.
You can’t set up Discourse on a shared hosting environment (like Hostgator/Godaddy/Bluehost/etc)

Alternatively, you can always just let others manage the server stuff so you can do what you do best - run the forum :smile:

There are two hosting providers I know of:

  1. (the official guys - highly recommended) -
  2. Discourse Hosting -