Expand Fireside.fm Links to Full iframe via Onebox

This is not a huge issue but it would be great if it could be addressed. I do podcasting and am using Fireside as the podcast host which is one of the most popular providers of podcast hosting. Unfortunately, when I post a link to expand it gets heavily cropped.

Here is an example of what it does when posting an episode link for expansion: (I put the wrong episode in this screenshot, ignore that part lol)

Fireside actually offers a pretty nice embeddable player via iframe so my request is to pull the iframe code to place in the expansion.

Here is an example of what the iframe player would look like on the forum: (this is just a mockup)

Whitelist the iframe in your site settings if that is what you want to do.

Yes, you can whitelist the src domain of the iframe and get the new player. I do that for my podcast (example).

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I am referring to posting a link and it expanding correctly or expanding to an iframe of that episode (like YouTube) not just posting an iframe.

For example, if I use wellfed (rss polling), ifttt, wordpress plugin, or something else to auto post a topic it wont have the iframe as an option to post just the itemurl. This is why I was asking about the expansion portion not just an iframe post.

Thanks for the clarification – I’ve edited the title and category to better reflect, as this is a feature request to our onebox gem instead of a bug.

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Sorry about the bad cat selection . . . I didnt know it was called onebox until now.

If I can find a way to put the embed iframe code in a feed but in onebox would be awesome :smiley:

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