Expandable banner topic


I think the expandable banner topic would be useful. It could be use like the code blocks expand feature to use a modal to a full height or higher view. This makes the read and scroll easier especially on mobile view.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Don, your suggestion sounds very useful, but I don’t completely follow as I am not sure what you mean by expandable banner topic. Would you mind giving more context, like sketches and explanations of what this banner would look like or what it helps solve.

If this is following up or continuing the conversation from another topic, would you mind linking that in your topic and quoting the bits that give this one the needed context?


Hello Osioke,

Sure I made a little sketch about this. Something like this is the idea :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the default banner topic with expand button.

After click the button the banner topic expanding in a modal and the x replace with a compress button. Or it can keep the x button to close the modal and I think the outside click also close.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: