Profile Summary page on mobile devices

Hi everyone!

When checking a member’s summary page on mobile (not in the app but rather in the browser), our client was worried that their info was not fully visible until you press Expand button.

Is there maybe a way to change it to permanent expanded mode?

Thank you!

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You should be able to do that with a theme component. I think that decision to require the extra click is to save screen real estate since if you know the user already, you’d rather not have all of that extra info.

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Hello, I think this is only appear if user viewing their own profile? So others will see the expanded infos and can’t collapse it. :thinking:


Thanks a lot for your comments!

This is really odd, I checked this page being logged out and the page was collapsed, but now it’s indeed expanded…

Well thank you very much anyways, it seems everything works as expected!

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