Expanded Digests on Google Inbox

When I get a Medium digest e-mail it looks like this:

Before opening:

After opening:

Looks like Google is doing the hardwork for Medium, but I think implementing the Article metadata, without changing Digest looks, can make it more prominent in our users Inbox.

What you guys think? Worth pursuing for a PR?


Sure! Looks good to me, give it a try! Test first to be sure it’ll actually work – sometimes Google has to “magically whitelist” a domain before these things start working, which obviously works great for Medium but Ain’t Gonna Happen for a random Discourse site.

If tests look promising, can we support this with a small grant @erlend_sh?


Sure. But yeah I’d like to see it tested first. This is primarily for Articles after all, so I’m not so sure how well it’ll really fit Discourse. Is there support hidden in there somewhere for DiscussionForumPosting? I figured there might be a chance, since it’s a subset of Article.