Display Medium Blogs Natively?

Whenever I post a link to a YouTube video, it auto populates so the content is viewable natively on Discourse.

I’m looking for a solution to do that with Medium blogs. Currently, the only way to view the content is to click externally.

Anyone have a pre-built solution for this?


You want to embed the entire medium blog post content?!


Yes, it’d be ultra helpful in our particular use case. We blog about mental health and want to repost them on our forum with next step exercises for people to apply the content from the blog to actually change their perspective / better their mental health. We’re wanting to also create a curating mechanism for our library of content, and being able to just use the link (like we use for our YT and Twitch content) would allow us to create a uniform experience.

Likely isn’t the case with a lot of other forums, but on ours it’d be 10/10 helpful 8)

So you want it just for a specific blog?

Maybe try using GitHub - discourse/discourse-rss-polling so every new post is create in Discourse. I assume Medium supports complete RSS feeds.


Use Case

This is for any blog posted from Medium. We have ~200 blogs on our publication. I’m looking to convert all of them into Topics with next step exercises below the content itself:

[Blog link that auto populates full blog]

[Next Steps:
Q1 – xyz
Q2 – xyz
Q3 – xyz]

Here’s an example of a blog I manually converted to a forum post.

Clarifying Plugin

The plugin seems interesting (and potentially a solution), but I don’t fully understand what it looks like implemented. Do you have any sites / examples I can take a look at to see that in action? (I’m not a dev, I’m on the product side)