Measure traffic from Digests

Is there any way to measure the click throughs from an email digest?

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Are you using Mandrill to send Digests to users?

Good question. I’m on a Discourse hosted platform so I have no idea!

There should be some options under Admin - you sign up with Mandrill and enter them in Discourse and Mandrill spits out all sorts of relevant data like click-throughs and even email opens. It’s some real nifty stuff but a bit scary if you think about it…

Sounds great. I can’t find it though. Are you sure this applies to hosted sites?

I logged into ours and you’re right I don’t see it (we learned the system on our own DR droplet)- I’m guessing they are managing that for us. @sam could tell us for sure.

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We don’t have this for our hosted customers, mandrill munges links inside digests to achieve this feature.

Long term there are a few things I would like us to do

  1. Add ?digest_id=XYZ to all links in digest
  2. Add a tracking “gif” so we can tell you opened the digest (and report on it)
  3. Add a general tracking gif to every reply email that sets “read” on post when you open it, opt in.

We could style that so it appears in the same place as the blue unread dot, which should make it obvious what’s happening to people that have an email client that puts in placeholders for blocked images.

And maybe “this image is used to mark post as read” in the title.


Actually, we should really get the email post styling a lot more in line with the web post styling.


Great suggestion, guess you can move it on feature category

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Hi is there any update on this feature? We’re using Postmark that has some tracking features but would be nice to have this in Discourse as standard.

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