Expanding use of tags - linking multiple ideas across categories, threads, and posts

I appreciate Discourse and the discussion that ensues in my org’s forums. The categories work to an extent and the search feature is pretty good at finding terms, but they’re not always relevant.

The other problem that I see is that ideas are not housed within silos and very often, inevitably, other points, ideas, and topics are brought up, even more than one in a single post, within a given thread.

I know that tags exist within Discourse, but they seem to be limited to an entire thread, much in the same way that categories are.

I see a lot of potential in the ability to tag individual posts, so that ideas that overlap categories and individual threads can be ‘linked’ together. Sometimes this is done manually by posters who incorporate hyperlinks to other threads, but this takes effort and doesn’t accomplish the same thing.

To take the idea a step further, think about how Obsidian works in that it sets out to link ideas in a new way, liberating users from a single, hierarchical folder system of organization. The ability to search posts and threads within Discourse in a spider web/graphical view would also be potentially awesome, but you would need an expanded use of tags first.