Expected behaviour of `solved` replies when plugin is switched off?

Say a category has this plugin turned on, and in one of the topics, the OP marks a reply as solved. What is the expected behaviour when this plugin is turned off?

The post marked as solved would no longer show as such. It’d be as if nothing was ever marked as solved.

Yeah thats what I expected. But it still remains marked as solved and I still see the checkbox next to the topic name after I disable the plugin.

Yes, because the plugin is still active within Discourse, all disable does is remove the UI elements which allow you to enable solved against categories and mark posts as solved.

To disable it you need to comment it out in your app.yml and rebuild.

So I just tested this out. As Stephen stated and has been previously discussed here on Meta, “turning off” a plugin via settings will not fully disable it.

I did also test removing the plugin from the app.yml and rebuilding, as expected (and I stated earlier) all evidence of the plugin is gone.