Experiment on Meta: horizontal loading slider

Way cool, I love it.


We might make it optional behind a boolean in site settings. I strongly prefer it, as does most of the Discourse team, so it’s going in as the new default one way or another… but it is a lot of work to get right due to, uh, complications.

So it won’t be in this release for sure, don’t worry about that.


Also, just to be clear, I use other websites with the slider and generally find it to be fine. I’m not sure what’s different about Discourse that makes me not like it here. The only thing I can think of is that I use the dark theme on Discourse, but those other websites only have light themes. Out of curiosity, does most of the Discourse team use light theme or dark theme? Maybe there’s some correlation there.

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Many use dark theme for sure.

Another thing to take into consideration is just habits, you have been browsing discourse for a long time with a spinner. I have had kinda the same feeling the first days.


That could definitely be a factor. I’m also spending much more time on another community that still uses the spinner, so maybe that’s making it harder to adjust to the slider here.