Horizontal loading slider

I bet it is…
Did you decide yet if you’ll keep the spinner as a site settings or theme component? My communities love our customized spinner. It adds a lot of identity to our forums.

(that said, I personally prefer the slider in a general way)


I had strange issue. When the component was on, an user didn’t get last comment but something from middle, or first one of topic. It was totally random if it was first post or some another reply — but is was always same in that one topic and for that user, even the “showing location” cahnges between topics. And it was never same between users.

It happened with all devices and browsers (well, the most common ones anyway).

Updating/rebuilding/rebooting of server didn’t help.

Safe mode told it has something to do with themes, so I started shut down components.

It was spinner. Sure, it can be conflict with something, but if it is on, the issue starts, and disappears when it is off — no matter if I have all another components active or not.

I can’t say when this started, because I blaimed iPad and Safari longer time. But at least some weeks ago. Some of my users said they started see strange behaving early this year.

It something similar would happend in WordPress I would blame caching rightaway, but it can’t be true here.

What else… newest version of everything what I got something like an hour ago. And no, I can’t repro it here.

Really strange indeed.


I have heard similar reports from some other people, but we haven’t yet been able to track down the exact issue. Do you have a consistent way to reproduce the problem?


Only using the sliding on my forum. It is not that big problem I would start another setup just for testing — sorry, I’m lazy one :wink:

So, if it is in use here and no one has issues it must be nearly impossible to fix, I know. So this is more or less just a head up if something similar starts showing.

I have weak feeling I had something like that here too with some topics — but perhaps those were cases where original post was edited or something.

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It’s not working anymore; please fix this…

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Do more people experience this? For now I won’t update my Discourse container, I don’t want to lose this smooth transition.

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They disabled it.

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Ah okay, so it’s still functional?

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Yes, just download it to your forum

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I mean, when rebuilding the whole installation :slight_smile: I thought maybe there is some incompatibility with a recent Discourse release. But I suppose there is not and you tested this. Then I’ll update soon.


Nope, it works after upgrades and rebuilds.


Guess a bug on latest version of component and Discourse: with the component enabled, the drop-down for solved/unsolved topics doesn’t show when navigating to a category list. It only shows after a browser reload.


Hello, I noticed an issue, If I click the logo on homepage (latest) it isn’t jumping to the top of the page. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Idk, can these two components be used together? I still see the filter not updating it’s status when the sliding animation is active. It only updates the status with a browser reload.

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The functionality of this theme component has now been merged into Discourse core.

To enable it, change the “page_loading_indicator” site setting from “spinner” to “slider”. For now, the old ‘spinner’ remains the default, but we may revisit that default in the near future.

Admins on sites with the old theme component will be shown a prompt to uninstall it:


Continuing the discussion from 3.1.0.beta6: Threads in Chat, Image Grid, Export Chat Messages, and more:

Is there any reason for removing the old spinner loading indicator? My users hate the horizontal slider: they say it reminds them that they’re visiting a website, whereas the spinner gave a feeling of being in one single app, which they preferred.

Or I guess will it be possible to create a theme component that will bring back the spinner even when you deprecate it from the core?


Congratulations for getting merged!
You can search in the main settings for “loading” and get the slider settings.
From there you can change to spinner.
Appreciation for telling me about the “spinner” It is much nicer!