Exploring Solutions for User Profile Picture Upload Problems

Is this process necessary to allow users to upload a profile picture? I have a user that isn’t being presented with this option, while others have been able to upload a profile picture, and they have pointed me towards this configuration as a possible cause…

I was able to manually add a profile picture to the problematic profile, but that’s not sustainable in the long term.

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It is not. You can tell because most of your users are able to upload profile pictures.

They suggested that something was wrong with your S3 configuration, but you’re not using S3, so it’s not a problem with S3.

By “manually”, you mean that you used the very same interface that they would use to upload their profile picture, by going to their profile page and uploading the image?

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Thanks Jay, will revert back to them with this information. I can’t see what they’re seeing, but can add/edit the profile picture when I look at their profile as an admin.