Unable to upload profile picture

(Grif Peterson) #1

I’m trying to change my profile picture on http://community.p2pu.org/ (our Discourse is up to date).

When I select a square .jpg from my local drive, I see the upload bar go to 100%, but then it disappears and my icon remains the system-assigned profile picture.

I just updated my profile picture here on meta to the same .jpg and, as you can see, had no trouble doing so.

Any ideas? Cheers.

(Kane York) #2

Yep, I just tried it, and something’s screwed up. The setting is on “Custom” but it falls back to letter avatar.

Is this a Docker install?

What are you using for uploaded file storage? spoiler alert: it’s probably s3

(Grif Peterson) #3

Yup, it’s a Docker install.

@dirkcuys - are we using s3 for file storage?

Assuming the answer is yes, how might I proceed? Appreciate your help.

(dirkcuys) #4

Yes, we are using s3 for file uploads

EDIT: it also doesn’t work for me if I try and upload a custom profile picture. Any pointers regarding where I should go look for the error? What log files will contain the error is something with the S3 upload goes wrong?

(Sam Saffron) #5

strongly recommend moving off s3, we are going to be removing this function real soon.

(dirkcuys) #6

I didn’t realize, thought it was the preferred method! I assume I can turn of S3 uploads and newly uploaded files should work and old files will be served from S3? Any way I can pull down previously uploaded files to S3?

EDIT: ok - seems like it’s not that simple. I see images are being served at a local url which is then redirected to S3. In this thread I see mention of using uploads:migrate_from_s3, but it’s not working for me either. Is there an automated method to pull down the images from S3?

(Brian Gillespie) #7

Sam, It appears that discourse.mcneel.com is not using S3-backed storage, but we have users complaining about not being able to upload profile images. What do you recommend?

(Sam Saffron) #8

We will get it sorted @mention me on any of the issue topics

(Brian Gillespie) #9

Thanks. Will do. Just got notification from one of our Chinese support folks… the problem may be on http://chinese.discourse.mcneel.com/ - I’m not admin there, so I can’t dig very deep into the problem (plus, I can’t read Chinese, either).

(Sam Saffron) #10

Will double check on that site

(Kelvin Cheng) #11

Correct, this only happens on http://chinese.discourse.mcneel.com , I can upload a new profile image on http://discourse.mcneel.com without a problem.

(Régis Hanol) #12

@KelvinC I just migrated http://chinese.discourse.mcneel.com off S3 which fix the upload profile picture issue :wink:

(Sam Saffron) #13