Unable to upload profile picture

I’m trying to change my profile picture on http://community.p2pu.org/ (our Discourse is up to date).

When I select a square .jpg from my local drive, I see the upload bar go to 100%, but then it disappears and my icon remains the system-assigned profile picture.

I just updated my profile picture here on meta to the same .jpg and, as you can see, had no trouble doing so.

Any ideas? Cheers.

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Yep, I just tried it, and something’s screwed up. The setting is on “Custom” but it falls back to letter avatar.

Is this a Docker install?

What are you using for uploaded file storage? spoiler alert: it’s probably s3


Yup, it’s a Docker install.

@dirkcuys - are we using s3 for file storage?

Assuming the answer is yes, how might I proceed? Appreciate your help.

Yes, we are using s3 for file uploads

EDIT: it also doesn’t work for me if I try and upload a custom profile picture. Any pointers regarding where I should go look for the error? What log files will contain the error is something with the S3 upload goes wrong?

strongly recommend moving off s3, we are going to be removing this function real soon.

I didn’t realize, thought it was the preferred method! I assume I can turn of S3 uploads and newly uploaded files should work and old files will be served from S3? Any way I can pull down previously uploaded files to S3?

EDIT: ok - seems like it’s not that simple. I see images are being served at a local url which is then redirected to S3. In this thread I see mention of using uploads:migrate_from_s3, but it’s not working for me either. Is there an automated method to pull down the images from S3?

Sam, It appears that discourse.mcneel.com is not using S3-backed storage, but we have users complaining about not being able to upload profile images. What do you recommend?

We will get it sorted @mention me on any of the issue topics

Thanks. Will do. Just got notification from one of our Chinese support folks… the problem may be on http://chinese.discourse.mcneel.com/ - I’m not admin there, so I can’t dig very deep into the problem (plus, I can’t read Chinese, either).

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Will double check on that site

Correct, this only happens on http://chinese.discourse.mcneel.com , I can upload a new profile image on http://discourse.mcneel.com without a problem.

@KelvinC I just migrated http://chinese.discourse.mcneel.com off S3 which fix the upload profile picture issue :wink: