Export content for offline usage

(Nairolf) #1


I’m going to use discourse to create a howto and knowledge database. Is there a way to export all the content as pdf or a similar offline readable file format? Export would be necessary to have access in an emergency case.


(zh99998) #2
  1. right click the page
  2. click “print”
  3. select save to pdf as printer

(Nairolf) #3

Ok, but this is not a solution for more than 300 howto pages. I need something like an bulk export

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

@fantasticfears wrote this download script as part of the learndiscourse project. If you know some basic Ruby, or could get ahold of someone who does, it shouldn’t be hard to tweak the script to suit your own needs.

(Nairolf) #5

Unfortunately I’ve no ruby skills. Maybe somebody else did already solve my attention?

(Sora &\) #6

Can we export to evernote or sync with evernote?