Export topic as markdown (enabled for all participants)

I found this UI: Topic and Category Export/Import but that does not cover what I was thinking about:

  • A means to export an entire public or DM topic as a single markdown document where the export action is UI-accessible to all the participants in said topic.

And maybe (but for me not required) to have this feature available for anyone on public topics.

I interact with many Discourse forums publicly and DM’ingly and have a need to archive discussions there in a personal markdown-based knowledge base. This is not only very time-consuming, but I can’t get the raw markdown of other people’s posts in forums where I’m not mod or admin (logically), so I have to recreate it manually.

You can already access the raw markdown to topics:


Thanks, that would be so cool. But it only returns the first post in the topic and not the entire conversation thread.

Edit: More doable, by iterating over each post in the thread in raw mode, but for a thread with 60 posts still a lot of work. Furthermore it contains only the body of the post and there is no information on who posted, and when.

You can use the print function on a topic and save the output to a pdf. It is not markdown but it is easy!

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Thank you, yes, I sometimes use that, but the content becomes ‘locked in’. It does not fit well with my knowledge base (create cross-links, etc.). Markdown is so simple and easy to work with, that I select all my tools around it. It is a great timesaver if you can just move MD snippets around all over the place.