Exporting a Theme from Staging and Importing it to the Production portal

We have customized the Air theme as per our requirement on our staging portal and and would like to use it for our production portal.

Will exporting the customized theme from staging portal and then importing the same into our production work with all the customization work ? please confirm ?

can you please guide on this if we can do the changes from UI only ?

Yes, it will work and you can both export and import from the UI.

However, a setup that will support you in ongoing maintenance would more look like this:

  • Use the Air theme as it is, installed from it’s public code repository
  • put your theme customizations into a dedicated theme component
  • keep your theme component in a private code repository and install it from there both on staging and production

I would follow the advice already given but also Install the Discourse Theme CLI console app to help you build themes to move the theme to your local hard drive and then to github.

If you’re doing to spend more than 5 minutes making trend changes you want to use the theme cli.


Thank you for the response