Expose Data Explorer query as Report

We’d like to begin mining our instance for intelligence on our community. I just had a product manager ask me for topic count per (specific subset of) tag over time.

I’m sure I can (eventually) pull that SQL together, but each month he’ll have to ask me to re-run the query to get the data. Ideally, I’d be able to expose it to him in the list of Reports.

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Actually, this is possible already.

You can create a group for your project managers, and then allow that group to access the query from the data explorer plugin, like so:

If you have the enable group directory site setting enabled, your product managers will be able to access the group directory from the Groups link, in the hamburger menu.

By clicking on their group, they’ll be taken to the groups page. The report will be available in the Reports tab. They can run it and download it from there without you having to intervene.