Is there a way to increase "max post length" for a specific topic?

I am updating a specific topic via the API. Unfortunately I ran into the following error a few times:

{"errors":["Body is limited to X characters; you entered Y."]}

The problem is that I don’t want to increase max post length in the admin settings, because this would make this the new post length for all topics. But I don’t see another option right now.

Is there any chance that one could set the max post length for a specific topic (or a user/token who is sending the body of the topic)?

You could create a plugin that would let you set the max post length to what you want for the one topic (or user?) and then apply a different one for the rest.

Why not just increase the post length for all posts?


I have no idea how to do that.

The topic that I am editing via the API is uncharacteristically long for a post. It’s a list of plugins in a table format with name, description, author(s), link. Nobody should ever write such a long post manually. :wink:


If you don’t want to follow the hard way of learning it yourself, you could write a specification, gather funds and announce it on marketplace.


Ok, so basically this is not possible with discourse unless one writes a plugin. Got it.

This just means I will have to dump this plugin list somewhere else and not in discourse. Problem solved. People will be able to click on an external link instead…


Has someone ever wrote as long post ever? I’m just meaning is increased max long real threat?

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