Extracting email addresses for a group

Is there any way that I can pull a list of email addresses for all members of a particular group?

Would the Data Explorer Plugin do this? I really need to install that locally to see what can be done with it. (bbiab while I go do that before I forget)

I need a way to do it without plugins. I’m on a hosted plan which limits which stops me from installing them.

With Discourse? As they’ll install that one, it is supported by core.


Ok, that’s good to know. (Yup, with Discourse).

Okay, this is going in blind as for whatever reason, the plugin doesn’t produce a table of results for me (for any query), but this is my first stab at what you are looking for (I think).

group-emails.dcquery.json (606 Bytes)

It’s due to not keeping up with changes in core:

Uncaught Error: Could not find module `discourse/lib/avatar-template` imported from `discourse/plugins/discourse-data-explorer/discourse/components/query-result`

I just grabbed latest, or are you saying that the plugin needs to be adjusted? (seems to be the plugin… based on the error)

OK, just fixed it, data-explorer will be fixed when you next update it :wink:


Sweet, as I just commented out the avatar template usage to see if my query works and it does.

@HAWK, when you get the plugin, you can import my script above, here is a sample of the output


Thanks Matt, you’re a star.

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