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Its me again.

I created an account and called it Watchdog, I granted him mod rights, then I created a badge and named it moderators (I put the eye icon in the settings). I granted badge moderators to Watchdoggo and when doggo is posting, the shield and the eye icon appear.

What appears is a shield although granted badge has eye in settings.

How can I remove the shield icon?


First make a new group “watchdog” and add the user Watchdog and make it their primary group. Then

.group-watchdog .d-icon-shield-alt {
    display: none;

The user is in the group “Moderators” already, I don’t think it’s necessary to create another group. I changed the code to


but does not work, the icon is still there

I found the css responsible for that icon, however when applied display:none to it, the icon of course disappeared, but it left a gap in between and I would like to remove that gap (yellow arrow).


.svg-icon-title svg.fa.d-icon.d-icon-shield-alt.svg-icon.svg-node {
display: none;}

Any tip how can I remove the gap?

Or how can I substitute the shield icon with an eye icon using CSS? because the class responsible for the shield icon is not in CSS it’s embedded in HTML

What about this?

.moderator .svg-icon-title {
    display: none;

I don’t know about your eye icon HTML so there may be some collateral effect…

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Also, you can try this way, it worked for @Nisutec:

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Correct. If you want to remove it for all moderators, group-moderators is not a class, it’s just moderator. But then you don’t need moderator, just

.d-icon-shield-alt {
    display: none;

The gap is probably

.names span {
    margin-right: 8px;


.moderator .names span {
    margin-right: 0;

This worked perfectly, and removed the gap. Thank you very much.

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