Facebook and Discourse integration


I am curious about two things:
One: Would it be possible to automagically post new Facebook Page posts to a forum in Discourse?

Secondly: could replies to the forum ánd the new Faecbook post would be synchronised, so that a FB users can discuss with a Discourse forum member about the post each on their own platform?


Yeah, that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish by using the Facebook and Discourse APIs. It could easily be made to work the other way around as well, with Discourse posts being automagically posted to Facebook, if you’d rather use Discourse as your primary content outlet.

Two-way sync is incredibly difficult to do right. I’ve seen serious attempts at it before, e.g. Social for WordPress, and it just doesn’t pan out well. It’s always prone to data loss/duplication and immensely difficult to maintain.

There’s also nothing inherently wrong about having conversations happening in a few different places as long as there are enough participants to sustain the exchange in each “club house”. Every social network or forum comes with its own norms of participation, so you might as well treat them as different schools of thought that you are eliciting feedback from.


Thank you!

Do you think that setting up the API’s to do the first thing is something I could do myself right now?

If you’ve got some developer chops, sure!

:frowning: sadly I don’t…
Guess I’d have to wait for someone else to do this and publish a how-to

So to refresh an old thread, but this is something I’m wondering about. Is there a way to send posts on Facebook to Discourse, the way the wp-discourse plugin sends WP posts to Discourse?

I’m not finding the topic right now, but there was a more recent discussion about this - Facebook’s terms of service prevent a plugin being written on Facebook with the purpose of sending information elsewhere.


Still no change?
No Facebook integration?

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