How to update a Facebook group with Discourse posts and replys?

I have seen discussions around here around importing from FB groups into discourse but haven’t seen any around importing from discourse into FB.

Why, one may ask?
Well, there seems to be an argument that as FB is already installed, creating a new application might somehow divide users and some of them might not use discourse. Some of the users already said things like “I don’t need another communication platform” and I can relate and understand that.

So…any ideas if this is feasible and if you know how to do it or someone that does it already?

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This looks like a good way to achieve what you want:


Nop…that could go if i wanted to post to a fb user timeline or a page, and from what I see here: Group - Graph API - Documentation - Facebook for Developers and here:, it is not (longer) “possible” to post to a Facebook group through an app.

Anyone sees any workaround ?

Hi, guys.

I created a tool.