Facebook gets no title, description or image

When I paste the main URL to my forum into a Facebook sharing box (share the link in my news feed or on a Facebook page), it doesn’t pull any information. Even though a default opengraph image is specified, a site description and title is set, and so on… what am I missing here?


Did you check on iframely.com/debug ? Does it work here on meta?

Works here on meta. On that debugger I get a 417 error… I will investigate. Any ideas?


whatever that means.


Facebook has a Sharing Debugger which tells you what’s wrong.

In your case it’s

Image Too Small
Provided og:image URL was not valid because it did not meet the minimum size constraint of 200px by 200px.

Tip: You need to press the “Scrape Again” button if you make changes to your site and want it to test again with Facebook’s debugger, otherwise you’ll see cached results.


Thanks Gerhard. Great tool. Still getting “The following required properties are missing: og:type, fb:app_id” but I don’t think Discourse supplies those by default. The sharing in FB now also works and yields the expected information