Facebook OneBox / iFrame no longer plays inline?

It seems like something have changed at Facebook that neither OneBox nor iframe is playing inline how it’s supposed to. This was ok yesterday but just a while ago every FB source opens a new window and requires a login to Facebook.

Can anyone confirm this?

Additional note:
Other sources I have tested that plays inline fine includes YouTube, Twitch and direct from Amazon S3.


Post an example in a reply here.

Video #1: MacOS on Chrome
Note #1: Plays inline

Video #2: Android 10 on Chrome
Note #2: Does not play inline


Same problem goes with this FB post. This somewhat confirms that mobile phone not playing FB embeds inline at the moment. Is there a solution?

Can you post those Facebook links here in Meta so we can better investigate?


Hi @osioke

Here pasting the links I mentioned

They both play fine for me here on Meta using my mobile phone and checking across DiscourseHub, Chrome and Safari. Firefox doesn’t show the embeds though, but generally my Firefox on iOS doesn’t do well with videos.

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I have several questions regarding Instagram/Facebook embedding.

I have the Facebook login message when I paste Facebook link and I struggle to see where does it come from.


This is a public post that can be seen when logged out from Facebook.

  1. So what’s the issue here? How can I embed public Facebook posts or videos? I tried using the search, but I couldn’t find any clear explanation or solution… A lot of highly technical messages also. :man_shrugging:

I see that there is a Discourse setting names facebook_app_access_token, which description is:

A token generated from your Facebook app ID and secret. Used to generate Instagram oneboxes.

  1. Is the token to be generated from here? Graph API Explorer - Facebook for Developers
    Does it has any relationship with the fact that Facebook posts won’t embed?

  2. Also, Instagram oneboxes works on my forum while my facebook_app_access_token field is empty, so what is the purpose?

Also works for Instagram videos:

  1. Though the iframe height is wrong here. Too much white space below. Is that a Discourse issue?
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