Facebook privacy policy URL missing or returning an error

I just got another email from Facebook re the “app” I had to create to allow users to embed Instagram links.

Please update your privacy policy to be compliant with our Platform Terms.

We’ve noticed your app RobertLauristonApp1 is missing a privacy policy URL or has a privacy policy URL that is returning an error. A valid and accessible privacy policy is required by our Platform Terms:

Platform Term 4.a: If you use Platform to Process Platform Data, you will provide and comply with a publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy.

Platform Term 4.f: You will maintain publicly available links to your privacy policies in the privacy policy field in the settings of your App Dashboard, as well as in any App Store that allows you to do so, if applicable, and ensure the links remain current and up to date.

Please update your privacy policy for Graph API Explorer and check that your privacy policy displays on your website or app.

Tips for avoiding common privacy policy issues are as follows:

  1. Ensure you’ve included a valid privacy policy link in your App Dashboard.
  2. Curl your privacy URL to ensure it returns a 200 OK.
  3. Check that your privacy policy is hosted on an external website or on a Facebook Canvas URL. We do not support privacy policies hosted on facebook.com.

For more info, check out this documentation on our Review Requirements

You can view this and other Developer Notifications related to your app, in the App Dashboard.

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From what the message is saying, it seems that you just need to add the URL of your Discourse site’s Privacy page to the Facebook app’s privacy policy URL setting. Can you let us know if that doesn’t resolve the issue?


That did the trick, thanks.


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