Facebook SSO Restricted Domain

(Richard Mohorovich) #1


For me to be able to join a first year university facebook group I had to have a verified email with the university domain.

Is there a way to do Facebook SSO such that only facebook users with a verified email of a specific domain can join a forum?

(Matt Palmer) #2

There’s nothing facebook-specific I’m aware of, but you can restrict who can sign up by their e-mail address domain, using the email domains whitelist site setting.

(Richard Mohorovich) #3

I currently use the whitelist to restrict the domain to a college domain. However according to some feedback people have provided, students would be more likely to sign up if they didn’t have to make another account. Hence the value of single sign on.

I’m trying to achieve easier onboarding while maintaining exclusivity to college community members.

(Matt Palmer) #4

What’s the problem, then? Discourse supports Facebook SSO, you’ve already got the e-mail domain whitelist… what’s left?

(Richard Mohorovich) #5

Does the domain white list filter the email address associated with the Facebook account doing the SSO?

Cause I was under the impression that it just restricts the domain for users using regular sing up process on forum.

(Kane York) #6

It restricts emails received from any sign-in method.