"Failed to Fetch" GIF TypeError (From the Offical Discourse Website)

This also keeps happening when i try to post a GIF in a GC. How can i make this not appear?


Please do note that it works for me by the way. It could be your filters

Is this a managed Chromebook?

Do you have extensions installed by your workplace/school/etc. that may be disabling some functionality?

Can you reproduce the problem in safe mode an incognito tab?


Yes, it’s a managed chromebook. But for some reason, it kind of works in other managed chromebooks.

… does it work, or not work?

What shows up in the dev console when it doesn’t work?

So this problem is specific to this one machine?

Not work, and well i can’t access the dev console due to my managed school chromebook.

I tried my old chromebook, and well… it doesn’t work anymore.

maybe trust level? you just joined yesterday. just guessing here…

If you can’t reproduce the problem in an incognito tab (I meant that above, not safe mode) then it’s likely due to restrictions placed on the browser.

We may be able to improve the errors you see, but if for example the school blocks giphy there’s nothing we can do about that.

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safe mode: Discourse Meta (then refresh)

I think i found the problem, my school blocked “giphy” for “Entertainment, Media Sharing”

I know you can’t do nothing about this, but i’m just saying.

I recategorized this to a support topic because nobody else can reproduce this bug.

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