'Failed to POST the e-mail' error for mail-receiver

I’m trying to follow these instructions and I’ve ended up with this error:

<23>Sep  5 13:40:39 receive-mail[131]: Recipient: nobody@experience-forum.jbrains.ca
<19>Sep  5 13:40:39 receive-mail[131]: Failed to POST the e-mail to https://experience-forum.jbrains.ca/admin/email/handle_mail: 404
Sep 05 13:40:39 discourse-the-jbrains-experience-mail-receiver postfix/pipe[130]: 4B64481785: to=<nobody@experience-forum.jbrains.ca>, relay=discourse, delay=0.69, delays=0.35/0.01/0/0.34, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (temporary failure)

What did I miss? Thanks.

Indeed, when I visit that URL myself, I get HTTP 404.

The URL looks right. Wait. I can’t connect to https://experience-forum.jbrains.ca/. Is this behind a firewall or something? If it is behind a firewall, is the mail receiver also behind the same firefall and is expecteed to be able to connect?

A 404 is expected if you aren’t sending a valid API key.

I’d lkely generate a new one and double-check the permissions have the one having to do with mail. I think I generated a global one with just the mail scope yesterday.

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No. It was just temporarily down; it’s back up now.

I will doublecheck the API key now.

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I didn’t notice that the old API key had been revoked. I created a new one and I have evidence that mail is now getting to the right place. Thank you for directing me to check.


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