Failed to upgrade 3.1.0 Beta7 to 3.2.0 Beta3 as of 12/31/2023

Sorry, there was an error upgrading Discourse. Please check the logs below.



I have tried upgrading from the command line along with from the GUI, I am able to upgrade my Docker Version but continue to end in failure moving to 3.2.0 beta3

My upgrade log is attached.

Any advice / help or anyone up for paid support to fix this?

This is a Droplet running Ubuntu on Digital Ocean - running for about 4 years

20231231.1 Discourse Upg - DigitialOcean.pdf (81.2 KB)


You are not alone with this issue:

It would seem an immediate solution would be to set up a new DO droplet and move your Discourse installation. If you’re willing to pay for support, you might want to start a topic in marketplace. :+1:

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You should be able to

./launcher start app

And then later move to a new droplet with an up to date os.


Thanks @Arkshine - good info, not sure which path I will take but starting up a new instance and moving the data over my be the path I will take, assume more hosts will adding to this list. Ugh

Thanks @pfaffman - thanks for the advice, I did an OS Update on the current instance but that made the upgrade even worst, my instance on Digital Ocean is option for 4 or 5 backups for which I have been restoring for each failed upgrade.

Digital Ocean sent me these suggestions for which I put up on my KB

Thanks for chiming in!


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