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Hello Jordan,

Has got errors when a new user register. The right sidebar not shown any information except welcome text and subhead but without name. So i know it shows the likes if there are some and badges too. Is that possible to make this sidebar to show likes and badges fix? I mean 0 :heart: recieved , 0 :heart: given and no badges. You don’t have any badges yet… Check out how you get some… or something like this. So text or link if no badges yet.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

The error code is for badges:

I would like to modify it as below.
However, it does not work on the mobile screen.
Can someone please help me on what to do.

I would like to make the link work for the topic excerpt and image.

{{~raw-plugin-outlet name="topic-list-after-title"}}
{{#unless topic.image_url}}
  {{#if topic.hasExcerpt}}
    <a href="{{topic.lastUnreadUrl}}" class="topic-excerpt-link">
      <div class="topic-excerpt-box">
        {{raw "list/topic-excerpt" topic=topic}}
{{#if topic.image_url}}
<a href="{{topic.lastUnreadUrl}}" class="topic-excerpt-link">
<div class="topic-image">
  <img src="{{topic.image_url}}" />

This is the site I am testing.

Use this in mobile header :point_down:
<script type='text/x-handlebars' data-template-name='mobile/list/topic-list-item.raw'> . . . </script>

iPhone 6S

I am testing this on Xcode simulator with iphone 6S and am not encountering this issue.

I have a couple questions:

Is this screenshot of you using meta.discourse.org ?
Which version of iOS are you using?
Which web browser?


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Does anyone try to play short video upload direct to discourse with Facebook theme on iOS phone?

Should I have missed something on config, but I can not play any uploaded video on phone. It’s working well on computer.

Any embedded video from Youtube working.

That why I do not know what happened, no errors, no warning.
So please advice

Yes, it is work perfect for me on any device. I think a theme is hard to cause this issue.
Did you try to play in safe mode?
Can you post the topic where the video so can check it.

Hi @dodesz
Yes, you should try at below link:
[Sưu tầm] Chuyên mục cười À ra Thế ! của Dr. VL - À ra Thế

Just tested and make sure that can not run on my iOS 11,

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iOS 11 is pretty outdated that cause the problem. I can play the video without any problem on iOS 14 and it works great.


@dodesz Noted,

Thank you

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