FAQ/Guidelines missing from new installs x 2

I’ve recently done a couple of new self-hosted installs (both two-container), but are missing the pre-seeded posts.

I get this for the FAQ:

And the Privacy and TOS topics are completely missing (also from the navigation). Everything else seems in order though.

Any thoughts (apart from starting again)?

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Sorry about that. :frowning: I think we have an open ticket to sort that out.

Out of curiosity, could you check whether using the ‘replace text’ button on your /admin/customize/site_texts pulls the latest version in?

Update: Checking in on it, I think it was fixed by this a couple of weeks back:

I think that should make the ‘replace text’ a more solid option. :+1:

These are dependant on having the company name admin setting filled in. If you haven’t done that yet, could you fill it in and see if that gets them to appear?


It did! I didn’t realise that button did anything if you don’t have any warning notices. Clearly it does. Consider me educated.

Yup - fixed! I ran the setup wizard, and it guided me to that. I didn’t realise that this is now tied to that setting / the wizard.

They are both happily present!

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