German "About, FAQ, TOS, Privacy"


we just set up a new Discourse-Instance. Though we chose “German” as language for the Installation, the “FAQ”-section is in English. In the following topic is a discussion about the German translation:

Maybe I´m too stupid, but I can´t figure out

a. whether there is a way to switch the FAQ to German or
b. whether there is a Site, where I can download the German translation or
c. whether there is no translation at all.

Thx for your hints.



There are German translations for those topics at

Not sure if there is a smoother way to convert those pages into the language you want, but you could manually copy the translations from Github and paste them into the topics that hold the content of the FAQ, ToS etc. pages (by default those topics are in the staff category).



Copy paste did the job,though I still have an issue with some variables in the TOS-Section

Die Webseite gehört und wird betrieben von %{company_full_name} („%{company_name}“).

Those are placeholders to be replaced with your company/forums name.

FYI Discourse uses the values of the company_full_name and company_short_name site settings when seeding those topics, so you can use what you used for those settings. :slightly_smiling_face:


Those topics are created when you bootstrap the Docker container for the first time. You can choose the initial default locale by setting the value of DISCOURSE_DEFAULT_LOCALE in app.yml to the required language. For German that value would be de.

Currently it’s not possible to switch the language of the FAQ to German after the bootstrap. The only solutions right now are the ones suggested by @Osama.


I just copy-pasted the translation from github. Wondering if the variables are correct, I’ll have to change those values manually.

Thank you anyway.

Has anyone translated the updated Privacy Text that Discourse just put up by now?