Fast approval in Slow Mode?

This might be an impractical, but with Slow Mode turned on, would it be possible to have comments (that would otherwise be delayed) go to the approval queue during the “delay” time, allowing a moderator to let it post sooner?

We’ve appreciated Slow Mode for cooling down hot topics (and hot tempers), but there are occasional complaints that it slows things down too much, killing the discussion. It just occurred to me there might be a middle ground between slow comments and full comment approval, but I have no idea if this is practical to implement.

Slightly related: Is there a way for users to edit comments prior to approval? We occasionally ask people to edit, or they want to do so themselves, but the comment is in user limbo until it gets approved. Currently we (mods) have to copy the text and send it back to them to make this work.


We have other items on our plate before any additional enhancements, namely the “allow one, and only one edit while in slow mode” rule to deal with the “yelling fire :fire: in a crowded theater” scenario.


No worries. I understand you have plenty to do.

I don’t think we have encountered that one yet, and I’m almost afraid to ask … :fearful:

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Have you experimented with a more generous interval in Slow Mode, e.g. instead of 1 hour, trying 30 minutes?

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Yes, using shorter times now, but it still doesn’t please everyone.

(NOT expecting you to please everyone! :wink: )