Is the 'slow mode' still working?

I just set the slow mode on a topic and I still have new answer from members, why ?
Thank you

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Hi @Elo├»se_Barr├Ęge :slight_smile:

Are these users staff and are the users who are replying different people?


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If they are different people, they have their own slow-mode timer, since they are different people

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Slow mode would limit the timeframe in which each user could leave a second reply. Are they replying more than once within the slow mode timeframe youÔÇÖve set?

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Indeed, they are replying for the first time. Is there a way to ÔÇťpauseÔÇŁ a thread ?

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You can add a ÔÇśclose temporarilyÔÇÖ timer from the topic-timers in your topic wrench menu that may be suitable?

(I added one for 2 minutes on this one as a demonstration :slight_smile:)


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To pause a topic, you have the possibility of using Set Timer feature

Then you can select ÔÇťClosed TemporarilyÔÇŁ and choose a timeframe.

This should help. :thinking:


This is awesome thanks you very much !

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