Fast edit doesn't work on content with certain characters

Well, I’ve been using fast edits for a while, but I think this is the first time I encounter this.

I edited a word, and it worked. I edited another, it didn’t. I tried multiple times, waiting several seconds between each. I reloaded the page, and tried it again, with no success.
No error in the javascript console. No error in the network tab as far as I know. No error in Discourse’s logs.

A regular edit worked, though.

(I suggest you watch the video in fullscreen)

Sorry that I couldn’t have more info about that and I couldn’t repro either. I didn’t think about trying in safe mode either… But I guess it’s worth more than nothing to have a testimony that the fast edit didn’t work in at least a case if other people encounter the same issue in the future and can investigate further.


Yep :wink: I know about this and I also knew it would probably come from a French :smiley: It’s related to quotes I think, I need to dig this, will keep this topic as a reminder :+1:


I think it failed when a “french single quote” is selected (I can repro this with trying to fast edit s'agit for instance)

edit: oh… too slow! :sweat_smile:


Oh, cool. Let’s rename the title then. Great catch.

Another thing:


What do you think prevented the fast edit here? The É prepending the :?

Also, the red book emoji appears both in the editor and the preview editor, but not in the final message.
That’s a bit confusing, but another issue.


I think quotes can cause issues even when not in the selection.

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Is original situation related to that?

Sorry wrong language, but you can figure out what and where… I tried do fast edit:

But I couldn’t because of markdown:

So there is no need to write french or use quotes, just plain * is enough.

Not a biggie and I can live with that.

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Yes I should fallback to composer in this case. I recently made a change to core which could make part of fast edit simpler, will try to dedicate some time for a round of improvement to this in next months.