Why does fast edit often open the composer instead?

Great feature :clap:, but for some reason, when I select a piece of text for editing on my site, the composer window always opens. Or does it only apply to recently created messages?

It happens when there is content in the sentence that prevents fast edit from knowing exactly the area you’re trying to edit. I admit it is sometimes a bit obscure. It can be because there’s a special character in the sentence or stuff like this.

For example, trying to fast edit “this special” sentence when the content is fairly close to the quotes, I don’t know the details) will fail because of the fancy quotes.

It can also happens if there’s markdown formatting in the sentence.


Other conditions for fast edits to work are when the selection doesn’t:

  • contains | (table)
  • contains line breaks
  • contains non-ascii chars
  • appears more than once in the post

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