Fast edit supports only a .. z

When we are choosing text of languages outside english a to z, fast edit will open composer instead of… well, fast edit. I would guess it happends because someone somewhere sees letter like å,ä and ö as special characters — that those are from english point of view :wink:

But this started sometime ago, and earlier one the most valuable small tool of Discourse is now on level ”oh goodness, it will again open composer…”.

Is there any chance it would start recoqnize again other alphabets than just from A to Z?


Is there any hope to get this working again?

(And just small reminder: anglostyle alphabet systen a … z is globally really small minority. Every other uses extended one)

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Feels like a bug to me, my guess is that we added a Regex somewhere in the pipeline, we will have a look

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I’ve made some updates, which includes removing the regex for ASCII only characters. This should mean that other languages can be edited again using fast edit.

Let’s keep a check on this and open a new topic if we encounter further issues.


Works perfectly. Thanks guys!

Now fast edit is back its righteous place as the second most important help feature of Discourse (sorry, but the categories navbar is #1 :smirk: )


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